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About Linking

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    • We recommend linking to this website using the TOP page address (http://www.vikingvault.com), since addresses internal to this Website may be changed or deleted without prior notice.
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    • Method of linking using all or part of a logo or image on this Website (including images of illustrations or persons of products or items other than products)
    • Method of linking in which information on the website can be seen in a single unit with the page of the original website making use of inline frames or frames, etc.
    • Method of linking in which the fact becomes unclear that the contents are our contents, and there is a possibility of creating a misunderstanding in a third party, such as the extension of this website inside a frame (ensure that linking is set in a format in which this Website will be displayed after a new browser window opens)
    • Method of linking in which there will be a misrecognition that the website and us have some kind of alliance or cooperative relationship, or a misrecognition that we recognize or support the linked website.
  5. We cannot accept linking from the following websites:
    • Website in which a third party, EF JOHNSON, our officers or employees etc. are slandered and libeled.
    • Website that damages the credibility or dignity of EF JOHNSON
    • Website in violation of the law or public morals
    • Any other website that might hinder the operation of this Website
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